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Inheritance — 2009 Emmy — Soundtrack Making of — Andrés Goldstein
Inheritance — 2009 Emmy — Soundtrack Making of — Daniel Tarrab
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La Puta y La Ballena — Soundtrack Making of

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Swing Music is a totally new 250m2 facility located in the “hip” Palermo Hollywood area in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Swing Music’s new building features two recording studios and an audio post suite. The facility serves advertising agencies with music for commercials and audio post-production. Swing Music is the number one company of this kind in Argentina, serving all of Latin America, the US and many other international markets.


Andres Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab, senior composers and owners of Swing, desired two twin control rooms for complete music composition and 5.1 mixing. The shared studio room can accommodate a 10 string ensemble or a live rock band. The two control rooms are also 5.1 compatible.

The audio post suite, located on the second floor, is used as a transfer suite and mastering suite. To serve all international clients, Swing Counts with Source-Connect, ISDN and is part of the Ed Net.


The acoustic challenges for the facility included:

  • Complete isolation between the different rooms, despite the complex program of the facility. Full room-within-room construction was installed
  • 5.1 configuration in all rooms
  • Low frequency control in the room was accomplished with membrane absorbers above fabric ceiling treatments

Swing Music studios designed by WSDG – NY

Swing Musica & Audio Post

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